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  • Clients Served

    My clients are adults and young adults who live in FL, acknowledge their struggles and are prioritizing their mental health. They want to thrive, not just survive & find balance between their personal and professional (or academic) lives.

    Professionals of various fields

    Spanish Speakers and/or Latinx  

    College & University Students

    Culturally Diverse


    Mental Health Professionals

    Older Adults & Retirees



    Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

    Health Care Professionals

    Our clients are working toward one or more of the following goals:

    • Identifying new and/or healthier ways to prevent, manage, and relieve stress 

    • Learning to stay busy, not overwhelmed or overworked with one’s responsibilities

    • Developing healthy responses to failure and increasing acceptance of mistake-making

    • Increasing one’s confidence in order to successfully accomplish goals

    • Decreasing emotional loneliness and social isolation

    • Strengthening the quality of one’s relationships so that they are more fulfilling

    • Learning ways to communicate expectations, needs and wants more effectively to others

    • Engaging in the emotional processing of life transitions, conflicts, and/or losses

    • Becoming “unstuck” from recent stressful life events or challenging ongoing conditions

    • Adjusting to current life changes or difficult circumstances 

    • Understanding the varying levels of culture shock and how they may be experienced

    • Learning new or healthier ways to adapt to living in the United States

    • Better understanding the interaction of cultural factors on one’s behaviors and needs